What information is being collected?

We collect details from you as shown on the registration form you complete for EMDR Therapy training. This includes your name, address, telephone, email, and payment information. We store in a database your name, email, what training you have booked and how you are paying.

If you enquire about training in EMDR Therapy and do not proceed at that time (e.g. not currently eligible under EMDR Europe criteria), we will record your name and email address and advise you of further trainings as they come available.

Who is collecting it?

We collect your data as Robin Logie Ltd which runs the EMDR Training Robin Logie.

Why is it being collected and how is it being used?

We need to administer our trainings and workshops by having a database of registrants and interested professionals.

Who will the data be shared with?

Nobody else, unless you give your express permission or we receive a Court Order.

What will the effect of this be on you?

We will send you confirmation of your bookings, joining instructions, receipts, and reminders of things referred to in the trainings. We will also notify you of further EMDR Therapy trainings and workshops we are running. We may let you know about an EMDR Therapy training/support event if we receive a request to do so from the EMDR Association regional group.

Is the intended use likely to cause you to object or complain?

We have had nobody object or complain to date using this system. We will not send frequent or inappropriate emails. You have the right to opt out at any time by emailing us at info@robinlogie.com

Card payments

If you are paying online using a credit or debit card, the payment will be received by iZettle. When you make the payment you will be able to see their Privacy Policy by clicking on “Privacy” at the bottom of the page showing the “products”.

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